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CURATED - prenatal unit wrapped

We did it! Our little team came together beautifully to film large portions of the last four episodes of our upcoming short form series, Curated. And we did it all following COVID-19 filming regulations! Masks, testing before shooting, temperature checks, the whole shebang.

You may be asking, why film something right now when the industry, our entire world really, is upside down? Why would I want to film something at eight and half months pregnant? Well, those are the exact reasons we wanted to do this.

The pandemic has been crushing for people all over our planet. Those working in arts and entertainment being no exception. We were inspired by groups like Wayfarer Studios and our friends at River and Rail that were finding ways to still create and uplift while under the limitations that COVID presents and decided we wanted to do the same; use those limitations to get creative. And that is exactly what happened.

It started with a call to action and invitation for authentically minded influencers to join us in collaboration, a campaign put together in huge part by my talented brother Truman Florence. The response was wonderful. Next, we re-wrote to limit cast, and with the help of our brilliant co-producer, Ashley Squires, we put together a fantastic team that went above and beyond to fill the needs of shooting while keeping numbers under ten.

The idea for the story for Curated was born (pun definitely intended) after giving birth to our first child when I was struggling to find my identity as a mother and an artist. I turned down a national tour, lost a great agent, and generally felt like a pariah in the entertainment industry during my pregnancy. So it was important to me from the beginning to shoot at least part of the footage for our series about a woman who goes through pregnancy and birth while I was actually pregnant.

So there's a little back story into why we decided to do this and how it was possible. We're jumping into post now will continue shooting AFTER I have a baby. With plans to involve additional cast and influencers in the writing. To say we are excited to share this show with you is an understatement. It's message of discovering your voice and learning how to be true to it is something needed now more than ever.

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